Notizie dal Festival

  • 26 Marzo 2020

Ca’ Foscari Wireless presents: BALLAD OF LAILA LEELAR


Laila Leelar katha

Ballad of Laila Leelar

INSTITUTE: Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

YEAR: 2015


SYNOPSIS: Set in the turbulent times of Partition of Bengal, in 1905, the film tells the story of a young Indian girl named Leela and traces her path of changing and growing through a new religion, a new name and so the apparent loss of her roots. Through a flashback triggered by the discover of an old object of the Hindu tradition belonging to Leela, who has by now passed away, her troubled life is disclosed piece by piece, like a mosaic wonderfully nestled in an authentic Indian atmosphere. This is a story about love and discovering of the self, about separation and nostalgia, about roots and traditions that can never be forgotten.

PROFILE: Lubna Sharmin was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She’s an outgoing Direction student of the “Satyajit Ray” Film & Television Institute, Kolkata, India. Laila Leelar katha is her final work for diploma.