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Interview with Ozan Mermer

Fremdkörper, Ozan Mermer, Germany   What is the main thing that attract you about cinema? What attracts me about cinema is the possibility and necessity to combine several arts such …

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Interview with Iina Lempiäinen

Hiljaiset ystävät, Iina Lempiäinen, Finland   Why did you choose bullying as subject for your short? How did you work on this project? I’ve been bullied by several people my …

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Interview with Iain Bonner

The Comedian, Iain Bonner, Australia   In your statement about the movie you say “Is a film about overcoming yourself to be something authentic”, why did you choose the figure …

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Interview with Rene Maurin

Svetlo črna, Rene Maurin, Slovenia Where does the idea for the film come from? I find ideas most enigmatic creatures. They quietly dwell in everything around us, so we hardly …

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Interview with Mark Gerstorfer

Erlösung, Mark Gerstorfer, Austria   In your movie the camera is an ever-present object. Which is its role and importance? What is the message behind it? I watched a lot …

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Interview with Anne Thieme

Otro Día Más, Anne Thieme, Germany/Argentina   Otro Día Más, is a movie about “the mutual dependency of human needs”, what’s the meaning of this statement for you? Could it …

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