Notizie dal Festival

  • 28 Marzo 2020

Ca’ Foscari Wireless presents: MULTIFRENIA



INSTITUTE: University of Silesia (Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television)

YEAR: 2015


SYNOPSIS: “Multifrenia” is a short based on the classic novel of Marcel Proust, “ In Search of Lost Time”. On the scene appears a man called Marcel, surrounded by women, who talks about himself and about his pathology: the multiphrenia. Through different narrative styles and  genres, in a contemporary setting, where bourgeois themes prevails, Marcel’s story is told to the audience. From his childhood to the encounter with Odette, a woman Marcel falls in love with. This movie has two recurring themes: the mandarin fruit and a mysterious white cow.

PROFILE: Martyna Majewska, took a degree in Cultural Studies at the University of Wroclaw, she studied to become a stage director at The State College of Theatre, currently she is a student of  Film directing at  University of Silesia (Krzysztof Kieslowski  Faculty of Radio and Television). As a stage and film director, her styles mixes the various influences of theatre, film and performance. Moreover, she has different kind of interdisciplinarity. Grotesque and kitsch are predominant elements of her works.