Notizie dal Festival

  • 28 Marzo 2020

Ca’ Foscari Wireless presents: THE GREAT IMOGENE


The Great Imogene

INSTITUTE: Azusa Pacific University

YEAR: 2018


SYNOPSIS: The story of a girl who follows her dream: to become the greatest magician in the world! Mock and little considered by others, Imogene lives in an orphanage and when she decides to go away to participate in a magic contest, her story begins. Accompanied in her journey, between reality and fantasy, by a policewoman and by three muses to Las Vegas, at the end she will find much more of what she hoped.

PROFILE: Rachel David is a film director and videographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her main goal with what she creates is to connect with people and to help others understand themselves and each other a little better. Having experienced major mental health issues herself, she knows what its like to not be understood and wants to change the overall social mentality around what makes people “different”. “It’s hard to fully comprehend another person unless you put yourself in their position”, so that’s exactly what Rachel tries to do with her movies: take you on a journey through someone else’s mind.