Notizie dal Festival

  • 28 Marzo 2020

Ca’ Foscari Wireless presents: VELODROOL



INSTITUTE: Estonian Academy of Arts 

YEAR: 2015

LANGUAGE: No dialogue

SYNOPSIS: A cyclist with smoking addiction runs out of cigarettes. To get more, he joins a surreal bike race, which has a packet of cigarettes for prize. What’s even more strange is that, during the competition, some spectators try to hold back the other candidates in order to help him. Will our hero finally manage to win his prize (thanks to the crowd’s help and to his mysterious stops)?

PROFILE: Sander Joon (15/06/1990) is an animator and VJ artist who lives, studies and works in Tallinn. He has got BA (cum laudem) degree in animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He concentrates on coherent design and uses animation to create surrealistic worlds spiced with humor. On the 2015 he has produced two short animations: Velodrool, which takes part to the festival, and I saw you, in conjunction with other two authors (Jaan Sinka and Egert Kesa).