Screening Schedule

Edition XIII | March 22-25, 2023 | Widespread in Venice

Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival 2023 will take place from March 22nd to 25th, widespread in Venice, thanks to the collaboration of partner institutions.  You can check their location and the access requirements at this webpage.



WARNING: On Saturday, March 25, the venue of the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival moves to the Santa Marta Theater. Timetable and screening schedule remain unchanged


March 21 (Pre-Opening)

5.00 PM Young Filmmakers at Ca’ Foscari – Master in Fine Arts in Filmmaking


March 22

2.00 PM Young Filmmakers at Ca’ Foscari – VIU

3.00 PM East Asia Now

5.00 PM Opening Ceremony

5.30 PM  Short meets Rob Savage

8.00 PM International Competition
Tear Off, C. Del Negro, C. Fargier, H. Neveu, C. Souchard, N. Bashin, M. Petremand, M.Bourgeuil, France, 5’48”
Not for sale, Miriam, A. Sánchez Porras,  UK, 16’58”
Bloody Gravel, Hojat Hosseini, Iran, 18’14”
As Dúas en Punto, Uliane Tatit, Spain, 23’40”
Runaway, Salome Kintsurashvili, Georgia/Russia, 25′
Rozkwit Zimowy, Ivan Krupenikov, Poland, 29’59”


March 23

11.00 AM “Francesco Pasinetti” VideoContest at the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival

12.00 PM Thoughts from the set: Hirokazu Koreeda

2.00 PM International Competition
Fly High, G. Fais, L. Pappa Monteforte, K. Rosso, Y. Tunceli, Italy, 6’39”
Footprints of Ants, Ümit Güç, Turkey, 15′
Biała Dama, Maria Magdalena Jeziorowska, Poland, 18’28”
The Lord Is My Shepherd, Alexandar Tomov, Bulgaria, 21’25”
Pererug, Mikhail Boreysha Philippovich, Russian Federation, 25’27”
In the nation of car lovers, Sagar Gahatraj, Nepal/Slovenia, 29’57”

4.00 PM CRONOSTAR. Divismo e senilità (Workshop)

6.00 PM The World of Bruno Bozzetto

8.00 PM International Competition
Morning Commute, George Gray, UK, 7’23”
Yuta, Matheus Malburg, Brazil, 14’55”
Swallow Flying to the South, Mochi Lin, Canada, 17’38”
Die Verlorenen, Simon Baucks, Germany, 19’58”
Die unsichtbare Grenze, Mark Siegfried Gerstorfer, Austria, 26’40”
Eonnileul gieoghae, Hayoung Jo, Republic of Korea, 28’55”


March 24

11.00 AM High Schools’ Competition

12.00 PM CINIT Music Video Competition

2.00 PM The Suspended Glance

3.00 PM The Shadow Comes to Life

4.00 PM Short meets Whistling Woods International

5.00 PM WeShort Originals & Branded Shorts

6.00 PM Special Jury Program

8.00 PM International Competition
Ördögmuzsika, Karim Hema, Hungary, 9’25”
En cualquier lugar, Minerva Rivera Bolaños, Mexico/Germany, 13’09”
Awel Mara, Hussein Hossam, Czech Republic, 19’31”
9 – 5, Maša Šarović, Serbia, 21’06”
Au Bord du Délire, María Claudia Blanco, Colombia/France, 20’48”
Homeland of Silence, Štefánia Lovasová, Slovakia, 26’50”


March 25 

2.00 PM International Competition
Questbound – Forbidden Ventures of the Undead Soul, A. Bierling, O, Buckley,  Netherlands, 8’30”
Volver al Sur, Sofía Ayala, Mexico/Germany, 14’53”
Aglaya, s Rozhdestvom!, Elizaveta Alexandrovna Dorozhkina, Russian Federation, 19’31”
See You Yesterday, Ethan Dela Cruz, Philippines, 20′
Avt’une, Anie Grigorian, Armenia, 26’36”
Píngjìng de tuānliú, Yinze Li, China, 28’43”

4.00 PM Short meets Amos Gitai

5.00 PM The World of Manuele Fior

7.30 PM Closing Ceremony + Live Performance: Giovanni Dell’Olivo

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