Awards & Special Mentions

All the awards of the Ca'Foscari Short Film Festival


First prize for the best short film
awarded by the International Jury

‘National Museum of Cinema’ Special mention to the movie offering the most significant contribution to cinema as an expression of art
awarded by the International Jury

‘WeShort’ Special mention to the movie offering the best experimentation in cinematographic languages
awarded by the International Jury

“Storie di Vitae” Carpenè-Malvolti Special mention for the best screenplay
Jury: Domenico Scimone, Alessandro Loprieno, Alessandro Tiraboschi, Eduardo Fernando Varela

“Conservatorio di Vicenza” Special Mention for the best soundtrack
Jury: Davide Tiso, Lorenzo Pagliei, Pierangelo Valtinoni, Pietro Tonolo, Elisabetta Andreani

“Le Giornate della Luce” Special mention for the best photography
Jury: Luca Pacilio, Donato Guerra, Silvia Moras

“Pateh Sabally” Award of the Venezia, Murano, Burano  Municipality to the most significant contribution to the multi-ethnicity issue movie
awarded by the Venezia, Murano, Burano  Municipality


CINIT Music Video International Competition
First prize (with no ex-aequo condition)
Jury: Giovanni Bedeschi, Alice D’Este, Giordano Giordani.

High School Competition
First prize (with no ex-aequo condition)
Jury: Ca’ Foscari students
Riccardo Brunello, Mihaela Cornescu, Giada La Tosa, Marianna Lavano, Francesca Pascale, Sara Maria Porcella, Giorgia Velluti, Ekaterina Vetrova, Francesca Zanella, Cecilia Zaurrini

National Museum of Cinema – Turin

Among the most important in the world for the richness of its heritage and the multiplicity of its scientific and educational activities, the National Cinema Museum owes its uniqueness to the peculiarity of the exhibition set-up. Housed in the Mole Antonelliana, a symbolic monument of Turin, the Museum develops in an upward spiral, on several exhibition levels, giving life to a spectacular presentation of its extraordinary collections and retracing the history of cinema from its origins to the present day, in a suggestive interactive itinerary.


WeShort is the name of the first Italian start-up and on-demand platform exclusively dedicated to short films. Conceived and created at the end of 2020 by Alessandro Loprieno and Carlo Fusco, owners of WeShort, the on-demand and multi-device platform is available worldwide and may be accessible on TV, the website and mobile device. WeShort has one main goal, that is to offer the public the opportunity to watch short films and series, thus becoming the touchstone for short film lovers and those who have yet to become connected with this artistic form, never truly distributed to the general public.

Carpenè Malvolti

Carpenè-Malvolti ( is the oldest producer of Spumante Wines and Distillates in Italy and the first to have perfected the sparkling process of the Glera grapes, from which Prosecco, so popular and appreciated all over the world, originates. The story of founder Antonio Carpenè presents the profile of one of the most fascinating and influential men of culture and innovation among those who have contributed to the history of our country. For the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival a dedicated jury will assign the Special Mention “Histories of Vitae” Carpenè-Malvolti for the work that will produce the best screenplay.

Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza “Arrigo Pedrollo”

The Conservatorio Pedrollo di Vicenza is a place of musical education of the highest level, a prestigious music institution offering a wide range of study programmes at academic and professional level. Founded in 1839 as the city’s Music School, it has maintained a reputation for excellence in music teaching over the decades, and is also committed to promoting music through the production of performances and concerts open to the public. The curriculum is highly customized, and students have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best musicians and acquire a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skills. For the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, a dedicated jury awards the Special Mention for the best soundtrack in the International Competition.

Le Giornate della Luce (The Days of Light) – Spilimbergo

The festival celebrates the masters of photography of Italian and international cinema. The programme – including screenings of films in competition, meetings and courses with authors of cinematographic photography, directors, actors, masterclasses, photographic and art exhibitions, presentations of thematic books – culminates with awarding the Quarzo di Spilimbergo prize to the cinematographer of an Italian film. The ninth edition of the Days of Light will traditionally  take place between 3 and 11 June 2023 in Spilimbergo (PN – Pordenone). Once again, this year the event will involve students from the most prestigious Italian and foreign film schools. At the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival Le Giornate della Luce will award the special mention for best photography – International Competition.

Venezia, Murano, Burano Municipality “Pateh Sabally” Award, named after the Gambian boy who tragically died in the waters of the Grand Canal on 22 January, 2017. The award intends to stress the importance of the multi-ethnicity issue, which has always been part of the city history, and wishes to highlight the issue of “welcoming”, which is the core motif of our times. The award will consist of a work by a Venetian artist offered by the VideoConcorso ‘Francesco Pasinetti’.

The prizes: Venetian glass sculptures

This year as well the prizes of the three competitions will be beautiful Murano glass works made by the PROMOVETRO consortium – Murano Artistic Glass, a consortium for the promotion and protection of Murano glass founded in 1985 from an initiative of a group of artisans engaged in the production of artistic glass. Over the years, it has become an important consortium and currently represents about fifty Murano glass artisans and industrial companies. Right from the beginning, Promovetro has been committed to enhancing the image of Murano artistic glass in order to preserve, safeguard and defend such millenary art, and at the same time to promote, enhance and take care of a correct worldwide marketing of this important cultural heritage. Since 2001, it has managed and promoted at a national and international level the collective trademark of origin Vetro Artistico® Murano established by the Veneto Region with law no. 70, dated 23-12-1994, the only legal certification that guarantees the origin of the products to the final consumer. Vetro Artistico® Murano is a guarantee of provenance and origin for consumers and a protection for Murano producers who, alone, can boast the secrets of a millenary artistic and manufacturing tradition handed down from father to son. An important recognition for an island that, in the world, has now become one of the most famous Made in Italy symbols.

Project Mollified Award

This year, the winner of the first prize in the International Competition will be awarded an additional prize, a Venetian glass art sculpture created by artists Cosima Montavoci and Lorenzo Passi.

Are miracles still possible? Are we afraid of death? How do we deal with failure? Are we aware of our frailty? Cosima Montavoci and Lorenzo Passi have openly faced these topics, and cast an anthropological eye on human behavior, with more than a touch of irony. Humor paves the way to acceptance; laughter, even if tinged with sadness, is a powerful tool for  regeneration and to eliminate anxiety. Pain, disease, troubles are everyday experiences that leave permanent marks on our bodies, but above all on our souls. In adversity, we have to abandon the illusion of being unbeatable and eternal and start embracing a perception of vulnerability and weakness that makes the dream of an eternal and painless life on earth impossible.

Project Mollified draws its inspiration from the ancient tradition of offering an ex-voto in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude. Both with irony and compassion, the artist observes this curious phenomenon, that of a human plead, a sign of gratitude offered to a superior power. Even in modern times, we all wish for a perfect, eternal existence; but when daily suffering shatters our expectations, we ask God to set us free and to make our lives better and sweeter: we would like our problems to be mitigated. In their joint work, Montavoci and Passi have embedded figures of ivory-colored, lampworked Murano glass in frames of hot-worked transparent glass, encasing them in various vintage metal objects.  Each piece is unique. It asks nothing to God, but encourages onlookers to open their eyes and gracefully help themselves.

Artist Cosima Montavoci was born in Venice in 1988. She began glassworking almost by chance in 2004, eventually graduating in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2015. From 2015 to 2018 her workshop was in the NDSM Werf, Amsterdam Noord. In 2018 she decided to return to Venice, where she now lives and works. Her works have appeared in various exhibitions.

Lorenzo Passi was born in Milan in 1985. He lives and works in Venice. He has worked and studied in Italy, Finland and the USA. His enthusiasm for glass dates back to 2005, when he began his apprenticeship in Murano in a long learning process dealing with glass-blowing in its manifold aspects. His debut as an artist dates back to year 2013, and since then his pieces have appeared in personal and collective exhibition in Italy and abroad.

“We chose Mollified #0 for the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival 2023 because it is the first work—hitherto unavailable to the public—of our Mollified series. This “prototype” made us realize that the idea underlying the project was sound, and it has inspired all our subsequent research and thinking. We hope it will inspire the Festival’s participants to fully carry out their projects and overcome all obstacles.”