• 10 February 2023



The mystery and romanticism of Venice are the protagonists of the poster realized by Manuele Fior for the thirteenth edition of the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival which will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of March 2023 in a widespread form throughout Venice.               

Added to the illustrious list made up of personalities such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Igort and Giorgio Carpinteri, is Manuele Fior, another great Italian illustrator and cartoonist, who inaugurates his collaboration with the Short in the name of the city that hosts them both. Fior in fact has been a Venetian by adoption for years, and his love for Venice is clearly demonstrated by one of his latest successes, Celestia – released in 2020 for Oblomov – which not only owes its name to one of the most fascinating and secluded areas of the main island but is entirely set in a kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy of the city. As the author claims, the image of the poster, a reworking of an illustration created for Architectural Digest Italia, “summarizes my way of working, with images as with narration: starting from a precise architectural or landscape frame, reconstructing it with minimum detail to discover the story it contains, the people that inhabit it and the life that animates it”. It is about an everyday Venice, a scene that those who live in the city, strolling through the evening and the streets with their nose upturned have “stolen” more than once: inside a typical Venetian palace, a light on it allows the viewer to spy on the intimacy of a couple kissing passionately. However, the man is completely in the shadows, adding mystery to a panel that mixes, in the author’s style, the romantic and uncanny charm of Venice.

Born in Cesena in 1975, Manuele Fior has lived in Berlin, Oslo, Paris and Venice. An artist of international appeal, he is one of the most appreciated sketchers in Italy and abroad. He collaborates with his illustrations in magazines such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, in newspapers such as la Repubblica, Le Monde and Il Sole 24 Ore, and in publishing houses such as Feltrinelli, Einaudi, EL. In 2017 he collected and commented them in The Hour of Mirages. With the graphic novel Five thousand kilometers per second, he won the Fauve d’Or award for Best Album at the Angoulême International Film Festival 2011, while The Interview (2013) marks his debut in black and white works. He has published numerous works for Cononino press and Oblomov editions, including Red Ultramarine (2006), Miss Else (2009), based on the homonymous novel by Arthur Schnitzler, Le Variazioni d’Orsay (2015), the collection of short stories The days of the blackbird (2016) and the most recent Hypericon (2022).

Once again, this year’s festival aims to be a showcase for young international cinema, with an International Competition in which thirty of the best short films produced last year in film schools and universities around the world will compete. There will also be two collateral competitions: one dedicated to music videos and one focused on short films made by high school students. There will obviously be numerous international guests, protagonists of a rich selection of special programs, including focuses, tributes, retrospectives, and masterclasses.

To underline the deep bond with the city of Venice, its citizenship and its cultural institutions, the Short will take place in widespread form once again, with a series of screens that will complement the main one in the Santa Margherita Auditorium. The locations where it will be possible to attend a selection of programs from the thirteenth edition will include the Museo d’Arte Orientale – Ca’ Pesaro, the Casa del Cinema of the Municipality of Venice, the InParadiso, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa and NH Venezia Rio Novo.

The Short was created with the collaboration of the Fondazione di Venezia and can count on the support of several partners, such as the NH Venezia Rio Novo hotel, the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, the Italian ‘short’ cinema on demand platform WeShort, the oldest prosecco producer Carpenè-Malvolti, Cinit – Cineforum Italiano, the Municipality of Venice – Murano – Burano, the Conservatory “Arrigo Pedrollo” of Vicenza and the Giornate della Luce di Spilimbergo, a festival dedicated to the masters of Italian cinema photography.

The complete program of the thirteenth edition will be revealed by the festival director Roberta Novielli during the press conference  to be held on March 2nd in Venice.